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Z-Series Heated Roll Ironers

High-Performance Commercial Ironers

OnePress heated-roll (Z-Series) Ironers tout unique features that ensure heightened productivity, ease of use, efficiency and ironing quality. Available in multiple finishing widths and 13- or 20-inch diameter rolls, Z-Series Ironers offer no-wax technology and quickly iron damp goods straight from the washer – without dryer conditioning. These return-to-feed ironers feature compact designs and optional integrated folding for maximum productivity in small spaces! Available in natural gas, steam and electric models.

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13-inch Z-Series Ironer

  • 61- and 84-inch Finishing Widths Up to 36 ft./min. Ironing Speed
  • No Wax Chrome Cylinder
  • Gas/LP and Electric
  • Wall-mounted
  • Return-to-feed Compact Design

  • The 20-inch model with optional integrated folding is nicely suited for the hospitality industry, as well as for party rental,
    conference services, salon/spas, drycleaners and commercial laundries.

    20-inch Z-Series Ironer with Optional Folder

  • 61- and 84-inch finishing widths
  • Up to 50 ft./min. ironing speed
  • No Wax Chrome Cylinder
  • Gas/LP and Electric
  • Wall-mounted
  • Return-to-feed compact design
  • Convection burner system
  • Large feeding table

  • No-Wax for Less Hassle

    Z-Series Ironers bring no-wax finishing technology to laundries. Thanks to machined-steel cylinders, which are mirror polished and chrome plated, laundries avoid the messy, high-maintenance application and stripping of roll wax. Not only is the no-wax design less hassle, it also reduces the labor and material costs associated with wax maintenance. Even better? The no-wax design eliminates linen damage caused by wax contact. This contributes to longer linen and machine ribbon life.

    Compact Design

    OnePress return-to-feed Z-Series Ironers are specifically engineered to deliver superior finishing productivity within a smaller area.
    Making the most of available space, these return-to-feed ironers can be installed 12 to 18 inches from a wall.

    Integrated Folding

    The OnePress 20-inch Z-Series Ironer features an optional integrated folding system that automatically folds items as they exit the ironer. The system delivers excellent folds from an integrated system that does not impact the ironer’s footprint. A system of photocells, where the linen enters and exits the ironer, automatically calculates the total length of the article. Item measurements need not be manually entered – saving time and improving productivity

    Large Feeding Table & Tray Boosts Ironing Efficiency & Results

    Z-Series industrial ironers feature large feeding tables and a metallic feeding tray that simplify feeding and eliminate friction against linen. The smooth tray finish ensures items are properly dressed for superior feeding efficiency and ironing results.

    Flexible & Intuitive Control

    All OnePress commercial ironers offer programmable and easy-to-operate controls that provide efficient performance and ease of use. No matter the linen type or moisture content, OnePress ironers are easily programmed to provide superior ironing results every time – with simple, one-touch operation!

    Quick Check

    The Quick Check Service package, standard on all OnePress microprocessors, saves laundries time and money. The feature helps users diagnose maintenance and service needs from the microprocessor control pad. Electrical components, temperature actuators, mechanical functions and safety checks are performed with the touch of the button.

    AutoSpeed® Improves Quality!

    OnePress industrial ironers features the patented AutoSpeed® System. It automatically modifies cylinder speed based on variations in fabric type and moisture content. AutoSpeed® eliminates temperature fluctuations, assuring constant ironing temperatures and the highest quality finishing results in just one pass – a critical feature for laundries looking to increase production while maintaining quality! AutoSpeed® helps eliminate human error – incorrect temperature and speed settings – that can result in damage to linens.

    Constructed for Years of Constant Use

    Z-Series Ironers are built with heavy-duty self-aligning bearings to ensure constant contact with the roll for superior operability and less bearing wear-and-tear. They are backed by a leading 7/5/3-year ONEPRESSCARE™ Warranty.

    Energy Efficient

    OnePress industrial heated-roll ironers curb spiking utility costs by offering excellent energy efficiency. The result is an ironer capable of increasing production and decreasing overhead costs. Four components work together — a motor reducer, speed inverter, encoder and versatile microprocessor — to eliminate wasted energy usage during ramp-up, operation and cool-down.

    Atmospheric Burner – 13 inch Z-Series Ironers

    The atmospheric burner system combines air ad gas together much like a traditional gas stove. The flame touches the cylinder and the cylinder rotates to iron and dry fabrics as they pass through the ironer. This is an energy-efficient system.

    Convection Radiant System – 20 inch Z-Series Ironers

    The convection radiant burners system works much like a convection oven. A motor on the end of a radiant burner forces air to mix with gas. When compared to the traditional atmospheric burner system, the convection radiant burner system creates up to 24 percent greater heat output, 8 percent greater efficiency and more even heat distribution across the ironer. The convection radiant burner increases power by spreading the heat energy inside the roller. It is highly efficient.

    Safe to Operate

    OnePress commercial ironers meet rigorous worldwide safety standards. Safety features include independent switch disconnect, emergency stop button, hand guard with double safety sensors, electrical circuit safeguard, manual lint removal and a computer alarm. Safety start-up and automatic cooling and shut down also ensure safe operation.

    Simple to Maintain

    OnePress Z-Series Ironers feature a quick release sided panel for quick access to the drive system and control. The lint drawer pulls out from the back of the ironer for easy cleaning and the heat vent exits the top of the machine for ease of installation – especially in tight places.