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Flatwork Ironers

Z-Series Ironers properly finish linens without the need for dryer conditioning and messy wax application and removal.

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Compact 5-in-One
Ironing System

Engineered for medium- and high-volume
laundries where space is at a premium.

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Ironing excellence in one pass

Engineered for unrivaled results and productivity, OnePress Ironing Systems are durably constructed for years of constant use. Developed for medium- and high-volume on-premise and commercial laundries across North America, OnePress Ironing Systems are proven performers offering programming flexibility and space-saving designs.

    • superior ironing productivity

    • small footprint

    • flexible control

    • multi-function feeding, ironing

    • folding, stacking & accumulating

    • industry-leading warranty

    • local service and support

    • unsurpassed finishing results

    • industry-leading 7/5/3-year warranty

    • processing speeds reaching 50 ft./min

    • ironing straight from the washer

    • remarkable efficiency

Productivity and Quality at its finest

Our Customers

Hotels, Resorts & Casinos

Your guests crave and deserve crisply ironed linens. OnePress Ironers bolster laundry productivity, extend linen life and deliver perfectly finished linens that exceed expectations!

Party Rental Companies

OnePress Ironers deliver productivity and a superior finish in one pass. Iron sheets, table linens and pillowcases straight from the washer, extend linen life, cut labor hours and curb natural gas costs!

Commercial Laundries

Get the productivity and quality your commercial laundry demands. Choose OnePress and realize significant labor and natural gas savings, boosted productivity and unrivaled results. You'll also extend
linen life!